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Opens 10/31! Really stoked about this one. I think it’s the best music composition for the stage that I’ve ever done. No dialogue, all music. Get your tickets here!

It’s going to be fantastic.

UPDATE: Wowza, for my work on The Velvet Sky I was awarded the 2013 Drammy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design! Click the link below to hear what they liked about it!!!

So I took some of the music I put together for Theatre Vertigo‘s The Velvet Sky and released it as a free album on Google Play. Cover photo courtesy Gary Norman.

5 songs for the velvet sky

Go! Download! Enjoy!

Also, got some good reviews for the show:

Willamette Week: “Eerie sound design and a canny set […] create a rich atmosphere […]”  “The nightclub scene is a highlight: It’s a madcap triptych, with Berl glow-sticking on one side, two actors grooving enthusiastically on the other and Wennstrom flailing in the middle.”

The Oregonian: “(Richard E. Moore’s astute sound design, however, does give the production a marvelously subtle atmosphere, perched between urban realism and spookiness.)”

Thanks to everyone involved!

So I took some of the music I put together for The Reformers’ The Possessions of la boîte and released it as a free album on Google Play. I’m pretty proud of this one. It has several atmospheric tracks that were featured in the show, and some more musical bits that I’ve modified from production tracks.

10 songs for the possessions of la boite

Go! Download! Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone involved!

4 songs for Oleanna

Posted: February 14, 2013 in music, Oleanna, shows, sound design, theatre

I did some transition / preshow music for Steel Cut Theatre‘s production of Oleanna. Just for fun, I broke it down into four movements and put together into a little free album on Google Play. I think that I’m going to do this for shows where there’s enough stuff to be interesting as a stand-alone.

4 songs for Oleanna

Listen or download for free. Enjoy!

Collage of sound from Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, at Action/Adventure:

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
by John Patrick Shanley
at Action/Adventure Theatre, Portland Oregon.
March 2nd – March 24th, 2012

A divey bar in the Bronx. Danny at one table. Roberta at another. “Me, I’m twenty-nine and I cant stay the way I am for too fucking long” says Danny. And Roberta feels the same. Driven to the edge of endurance by alienation and self-loathing, these lonely strangers are ready to try anything to get out of their own heads. Anything. Even love. Described by the LA Times as “a foul-mouthed romantic fairy-tale with bloody knuckles,” Shanley’s masterpiece gives us a ringside view of the thoroughly damaged duo as they grapple and grope their way through one transformative night.

The Willamette Week has this to say about Danny and the Deep Blue Sea:

“The two actors fill up every inch of the sparse set and small theater with their volcanic emotions, creating a reality both painfully uncomfortable and heartbreaking.”

A Willamette Week Pick.

Opening Friday, March 2nd
Full Run — March 2nd — March 24th
*Performances are 8pm, Thursday — Sunday
Tickets — $15, Thursdays are pay-what-you-will
Action/Adventure Theater — 1050 SE Clinton St
*Industry Night Announced, Monday the 19th

(photos by Pat Moran and Cameron McFee)

This one is quite late, but here ya go: A collage of sounds from The Adding Machine, from 2011 with Theatre Vertigo.

Rapunzel: Uncut! Closed!

Posted: February 24, 2012 in music, Rapunzel, theatre

It was a great experience, a heck of a lot of fun, and I got to work with some amazing performers. Having a youth band (average age 15, I believe) was a big gamble that paid off. I think it really helped the kids in the audience connect to the music. Ahh, good times. Anywho, here’s a little music video that put together, using the original cast studio recording. Yes, the music was recorded by the kids that you see in the video.

Rapunzel opened, and I’m rather pleased! The kids are doing great, and it was an amazing experience. More music from that to come, but for now, a snippet:

A collage of images from Attempts on Her Life, with sound from the show.

Music by Richard E. Moore and Justin Coope.

I’m actually in tech weekend for The Adding Machine at Theatre Vertigo. Being productive. Interesting note: This theatre uses QLab on an iMac… And as much as I’m a PC person I’ve always heard lovely things about QLab. Also it’s expensive, so I figured I’d give it a fair shake. Know what? It has weaker features, less flexibility, and is more difficult to use than Audio Visual Devices’ MultiPlay… which is, you know, free.

Hilarious. So that was interesting to learn.

Been busy wrapping up sounds for this show, so I’ve been unable to post samples from Attempts, but hopefully over the next week I’ll treat your ears to some of the sounds from both shows.