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UPDATE: Wowza, for my work on The Velvet Sky I was awarded the 2013 Drammy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design! Click the link below to hear what they liked about it!!!

So I took some of the music I put together for Theatre Vertigo‘s The Velvet Sky and released it as a free album on Google Play. Cover photo courtesy Gary Norman.

5 songs for the velvet sky

Go! Download! Enjoy!

Also, got some good reviews for the show:

Willamette Week: “Eerie sound design and a canny set […] create a rich atmosphere […]”  “The nightclub scene is a highlight: It’s a madcap triptych, with Berl glow-sticking on one side, two actors grooving enthusiastically on the other and Wennstrom flailing in the middle.”

The Oregonian: “(Richard E. Moore’s astute sound design, however, does give the production a marvelously subtle atmosphere, perched between urban realism and spookiness.)”

Thanks to everyone involved!