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Rapunzel opened, and I’m rather pleased! The kids are doing great, and it was an amazing experience. More music from that to come, but for now, a snippet:


A collage of images from Attempts on Her Life, with sound from the show.

Music by Richard E. Moore and Justin Coope.

I’m actually in tech weekend for The Adding Machine at Theatre Vertigo. Being productive. Interesting note: This theatre uses QLab on an iMac… And as much as I’m a PC person I’ve always heard lovely things about QLab. Also it’s expensive, so I figured I’d give it a fair shake. Know what? It has weaker features, less flexibility, and is more difficult to use than Audio Visual Devices’ MultiPlay… which is, you know, free.

Hilarious. So that was interesting to learn.

Been busy wrapping up sounds for this show, so I’ve been unable to post samples from Attempts, but hopefully over the next week I’ll treat your ears to some of the sounds from both shows.

Well, made it through tech weekend with only a few minor scrapes and bruises. Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp opens this weekend at defunkt theatre, and I for one am rather pleased with the result.  A combination of found sound, original music (with the help of Justin Coope of Son of Rust fame), and a few computer voices, it’s a dynamic soundscape that I’m rather fond of. I hope that audiences like it as well, and I hope that they find that it fits the scattered (but loosely bound) nature of the narrative.

I’m going to put up some sounds after the run begins, so as not to sour the experience for the hundreds of you coming here before you see the show (perhaps thousands), but I will put some pictures out for your perusal.

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Currently working on Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp with defunkt theatre.  Decided to record the answering machine messages on speakerphone. Weirdest session yet.

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(mic insulated with camping foam. Can’t see the cell phone, ‘coz I’m using it to take the picture!  but I’ll put it on speaker and place it in the center, there. Hi-Tek!)