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Collage of sound from Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, at Action/Adventure:

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
by John Patrick Shanley
at Action/Adventure Theatre, Portland Oregon.
March 2nd – March 24th, 2012

A divey bar in the Bronx. Danny at one table. Roberta at another. “Me, I’m twenty-nine and I cant stay the way I am for too fucking long” says Danny. And Roberta feels the same. Driven to the edge of endurance by alienation and self-loathing, these lonely strangers are ready to try anything to get out of their own heads. Anything. Even love. Described by the LA Times as “a foul-mouthed romantic fairy-tale with bloody knuckles,” Shanley’s masterpiece gives us a ringside view of the thoroughly damaged duo as they grapple and grope their way through one transformative night.

The Willamette Week has this to say about Danny and the Deep Blue Sea:

“The two actors fill up every inch of the sparse set and small theater with their volcanic emotions, creating a reality both painfully uncomfortable and heartbreaking.”

A Willamette Week Pick.

Opening Friday, March 2nd
Full Run — March 2nd — March 24th
*Performances are 8pm, Thursday — Sunday
Tickets — $15, Thursdays are pay-what-you-will
Action/Adventure Theater — 1050 SE Clinton St
*Industry Night Announced, Monday the 19th

(photos by Pat Moran and Cameron McFee)