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Opens 10/31! Really stoked about this one. I think it’s the best music composition for the stage that I’ve ever done. No dialogue, all music. Get your tickets here!

It’s going to be fantastic.

The Revenants

Posted: September 25, 2013 in whutnot
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hey everybody! currently working on sound design and composition for the things, this one first: The Revenants. Zombies. In a garage. Some cool practical effects and of course my sound! Check it out:

And we’re seeking some funding via indiegogo – come be part of making this cool thing happen!


Ah,  also, i’ll point out that I’m not going to be posting the music from this show for free on Google Play in the foreseeable future – the only way to get the download on this one is from the Indiegogo campaign! And there are some cool songs in this show, in my humble opinion!