She had legs.

Posted: January 14, 2016 in whutnot

She had legs that went all the way down. That is, she wasn’t floating or anything. There wasn’t like a weird supernatural gap between her ankles and her legs. Nope, they just kept going, hip to ankle. All the way down.

All the way up, too, like some kind of biological creature evolved over the ages to ambulate in an upright, bipedal fashion. She walked as though she was born that way.

From the way she carried herself I could tell that she had a spine, some kind of interconnected network of bones that held her rib cage in place, protecting what must have been some kind of cranium, since her eyes took in the room, denoting intelligent (or at least organized) thought.

She opened her mouth to speak, parting perfect lips – They were red, as though the flesh was kept constantly moist by some kind of saliva or other lubricant. I knew her type – She would use her teeth to separate out little pieces of organic material, crushing them between bone masses embedded in her jaw. Yeah, I’d dealt with her kind before. It was only a matter of time before she would need to feed again, breaking down that organic material with some kind of enzymatic and microbial stew in a series of fleshy sacks within her body.

When she spoke, the sound was like air being pushed from a million tiny flesh-balloons, vibrating carefully controlled muscles somewhere in the column of meat that supported her head.

It gave me chills.

I’d never been so aroused.

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