Currently working on Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp with defunkt theatre.  Decided to record the answering machine messages on speakerphone. Weirdest session yet.

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(mic insulated with camping foam. Can’t see the cell phone, ‘coz I’m using it to take the picture!  but I’ll put it on speaker and place it in the center, there. Hi-Tek!)

Here I am.

Posted: October 6, 2010 in general

Here I intend to post information about my work in the field of music and sound design. In addition to my musical endeavors I work with small theatre, particularly defunkt theatre, and often design sound for interesting, unique, and obscure works. I often find that there is little documentation for sound design for previous performances of many of the works that I am involved in, and I am starting this site particularly so that I can provide at least a point of reference for what has been done in the past. If you are designing sound for any of the shows that I have worked on, I would love to discuss it with you, and provide my work as a point of reference.

It is not my wish to be emulated or copied, or course, but I feel that there is a lack of available information to those, like me, who work with obscure or underperformed scripts, and I would like to foster a free exchange of information amongst those who share my particular pastime.

Of course, if you would like to contact me to collaborate on a project, I would love to talk to you as well. I’m a nice guy, that’s how I roll.

So, take a moment, look around, give a listen.

If you’ve come here in early days, please check back, as I will be posting sound samples and information as I find the time to post it.


Richard E. Moore.